On 28 April 2004, three days before the enlargement of the EU and simultaneously with the European Economic Summit in Warsaw, representatives of mature, dynamically developing, and emerging fleet markets of the Old Continent will hold a meeting. The goal of this meeting is to get the automotive and automotive-related business sector ready for the enlargement-influenced changes. During the III “Fleet Spring Meeting” International Conference, the biggest suppliers and clients of European automotive sector will discuss the future of it. The motto is: “3 Days to EU – the future of the Pan-European fleet market in the view of enlargement by dynamically developing and emerging fleet markets of Eastern Europe”. The conference will be a Pan-European event and a chance for the representatives of Western European, EU joining and emerging fleet markets countries – like Russia – to confront views and ideas Some phenomena directly influence the cost and efficiency of running a company car fleet. The same phenomena also influence the level of economic growth, on both local and regional levels of the automotive business sector. These problems have been divided into individual conference theme sections – market processes, the fleet manager’s job content, finance, taxes, prices of new and used cars, fuel policy, and fleet safety – all in the context of a new definition of the economic map of Europe. To obtain further information, contact Tomasz Furdzik, Project Manager FMI POLSKA, tomasz.furdzik@flota.com.pl

Originally posted on Fleet Financials