The Colorado legislature has defeated a bill on March 30 that would have kept Motor Vehicle Reports (MVRs) confidential until six points of driving violations were accumulated, said the American Insurance Association (AIA), in a CollisionWeek magazine report. SB-52 would have prevented insurers from seeing the first five points from a driver's MVR. Violations such as driving without insurance, failure to yield to an emergency vehicle, failure to yield to a pedestrian, driving on the wrong side of the road, running a red light and speeding up to 19 miles over the speed limit would not have been accessible to insurance companies if this bill had passed. Research shows that drivers with previous moving violations are more likely to have accidents, which is a good indicator of risk, according to the AIA. "By defeating this bill, insurance companies are able to preserve access to a valuable tool that helps carriers more accurately determine the risk of its customers and set appropriate rates," said Fred Bosse, vice president, Southwest Region, AIA. "Insurers will be able to better differentiate between good and bad drivers and continue to offer good driver discounts to those Colorado drivers who obey the law and drive safely." SB-52 was overwhelmingly defeated on the Senate floor.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials