Two bills making their way through the California General Assembly would raise the state’s fuel taxes. The first bill, SB1614, would increase the tax by 10 cents a gallon. The measure, now before the Senate Transportation Committee, was introduced by Sen. Tom Torlakson, who represents an area between San Francisco and Sacramento, according to the Associated Press. Under the bill, nine cents of the tax on each gallon would be used to maintain, operate, improve or construct state highways and local streets. One cent on each gallon would be used to finance environmental programs that are designed to mitigate the impact of motor vehicles on air quality. A bill before the state Assembly would also raise the state’s fuel tax. That measure, AB2847, would increase the tax by 5 cents per gallon. Like the Senate bill, AB2847 would require the funds to be used for highways, streets and environmental programs. That bill is now before the Assembly Transportation Committee.

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