Comdata Corporation, a provider of payment solutions for the transportation and retail industries, announced on the launch of BusinessLink, a suite of payment services that provides increased operational efficiencies in areas including fleet management, purchasing, T&E, payroll distribution and authenticated identification. Comdata’s payment platform enables real-time processing. The cornerstone of the new BusinessLink product is its ability to allow a company to establish purchasing authorizations and controls at the individual cardholder level, and the flexibility to change them in real-time via the Web if, and as, needed. BusinessLink is also the first program to offer both credit and debit functionality on one payment card, as well as the first in the transportation industry to offer “virtual card” capability as part of the fleet solution. The virtual card service is designed as a secure, fast method for making unscheduled, emergency and Internet purchases. BusinessLink achieves operational cost efficiencies for companies through its suite of service offerings, which can be used in any combination:
  • Controlled Spending
  • Integrated Debit and Credit Functionality.
  • Employee Payroll and Expense Reimbursement.
  • Authenticated Identification.
  • Virtual Card.
  • Originally posted on Fleet Financials