CARFAX, a provider of vehicle history reports, announced March 29 that it has entered into agreement with Emkay to collect and share detailed service and maintenance vehicle records with prospective buyers. Wholesale buyers purchasing used vehicles from Emkay will access, through CARFAX Vehicle History Reports, extensive documentation on vehicle past service and maintenance. “We can help increase the level of trust between the buyer and the seller by providing detailed service and maintenance information in CARFAX reports,” said Jack Rennels, senior vice president of Operations and Marketing, Emkay. Client vehicles enrolled in Emkay’s Maintenance Management program to be sold at auction display a windshield a sticker indicating that vehicle’s service and maintenance records are available through In turn, dealers who purchase these vehicles will keep CARFAX stickers on the cars’ windshields. The sticker will help the retailer assure consumers the vehicle for sale has been well maintained. Founded in 1946, Emkay leases and manages approximately 40,000 units. Operating companies include Emkay, Inc., USA headquarters in Itasca, Ill.; Emkay Canada leasing headquarters in Rexdale, Ontario, Canada; and Emkay Caribbean Leasing headquarters in Guaynabo, Puerto Rico. System-wide, Emkay's fleet exceeds $250 million U.S. dollars on an equity base of over $50 million U.S. dollars. CARFAX also recently launched a new Buyback Guarantee. Under this guarantee, CARFAX will buy back any vehicle with a severe problem reported by a Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) but not included in the CARFAX report. Coupling the more detailed vehicle history report with service and maintenance information with the new buyback guarantee, dealers can help increase consumer trust and close more deals. Based in Fairfax, Va., CARFAX is a wholly owned subsidiary of R.L. Polk & Company.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials