On March 18, as other drivers swerved to avoid an out-of-control car and then kept going, Mark Bartholomew noticed that the driver was alone and appeared to be unconscious. Bartholomew used his company truck to block and eventually stop the car. The driver is certain he saved her life, according to a report by the Associated Press.

Bartholomew, 38, a demolition worker for Brandenburg Industrial Services of Bethlehem, Penn., said he doesn't worry about the vehicle damage. “It's a company truck,” he joked. “Besides, what's a vehicle compared to a life?”

“He was a lifesaver. I don't have a scratch on me,'' said Elizabeth Driver from her hospital bed. “It's very surprising in this day and age that someone would come to the rescue and risk hurting themselves.'' Driver, 58, had stomach pains before she passed out at the wheel.

Driver's car was repeatedly bouncing off the Interstate 78 median when Bartholomew noticed the woman's head was bobbing up and down. His first attempt to race past the car and box it in failed, but the second time he pulled ahead, allowed Driver's bumper to hit his and gradually slowed to a stop. Another motorist who was a doctor stayed with Driver until an ambulance arrived.

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