Sterling Truck Corp. announced factory-installed all-wheel drive for the Sterling Acterra truck. This option features an off-set front axle carrier and transfer case to allow a lower chassis height and provides one of the lowest cab step heights in the industry for an all-wheel-drive package.

"This option has been designed for a wide range of medium-duty applications including utility, fire, oil field, snow plow, and government, and will be available for ordering beginning in the summer 2004," said John Merrifield, senior vice president, sales & marketing for Sterling Truck Corp.

The Acterra all-wheel-drive system features full four-wheel automatic traction control (ATC), using an exclusive automatic lock control transfer case coupled with the standard front- and rear-wheel traction-control systems. This new feature uses the vehicle anti-lock brake system to sense wheel slip and automatically engages the front axle and/or rear axle differential locks to enhance off-road and soft terrain vehicle operation. The system also offers a two-speed transfer case with up to 13,000 pounds of input torque, allowing the driver to engage the all-wheel drive feature at any time for demanding applications requiring off-road traction control or operation in rough terrain.

It is available with front axle ratings of 10,000, 12,000, 14,000, and 16,000 pounds. The all-wheel-drive system also includes a standard 10-inch offset front differential carrier and right-side mounted transfer case, which reduces the need to raise the overall frame heights to accommodate the front-drive components. Other standard features include Meritor Q Plus cam brakes with outboard-mounted drums for easy brake inspection and service, Meritor Automatic Slack Adjusters for automatic adjustment to ensure correct brake shoe position; a straight tie-rod for easy toe adjustment; and ABS-ready wheel ends with installed tooth wheel and sensor for additional safety.

Sterling Truck Corp. is based in Willoughby, Ohio, and produces medium- and heavy-duty custom work trucks for regional hauling and vocational applications. Sterling is a member of the Freightliner LLC Group. Freightliner is a DaimlerChrysler company.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials