The International Fleet Managers Institute (IFMI) training seminar, to be held May 23-27 at the Sodehotel La Woluwe in Brussels, will offer a week of professional training for current and future international fleet managers. Presentations from several industry experts will cover understanding the benefits of managing car fleets on a global basis, understanding the supply market and its dynamics, advantages of different fleet policies, benchmarking, and recognizing national sensitivities and local operational characteristics.

Among some of the seminars that will be held at IFMI are: Understanding Your Fleet Costs, Car Remarketing and Residual Values, Risk Management, Fuel Management, Car Policy as a Tool to Manage Fleet Costs, a case study on How to Implement an International Car Policy, Fleet Information, Data Gathering and Organization: Preparing a Global Fleet Management Project Internally, and a Tender Process and Evaluation Grid workshop and open discussion.

For more information, contact: Annick Nemetz: +352/26 95 85,, or visit the web site,

Originally posted on Fleet Financials