DriveCam Video Systems, a developer of fleet safety technology, announced on February 24 that five fleets have received DriveCam Certification. They are TruGreen Chemlawn of West Tampa, Fla., America Ambulance Service, Inc. of Springfield, Ill., Regional Emergency Medical Services Authority (REMSA) of Reno, Nev., C&H Company of Charleston, W.Va., and ATC/Vancom of Las Vegas. DriveCam developed the DriveCam Certification Program in conjunction with its insurance partners to establish eligibility requirements for premium credits. Under the program, fleets are required to meet specific criteria to verify the full implementation of the DriveCam Driving Feedback System into their daily fleet operations. This includes using DriveCam recordings to counsel drivers on their specific driving habits. Proper use of the DriveCam program helps fleets achieve the maximum benefits in reduced collisions and lower insurance claims. “DriveCam’s program provides a continuous and reinforcing process to improve driving behavior,” said Del Lisk, vice president of safety services for DriveCam. “To get the maximum benefit from the program, fleets need to regularly review DriveCam recordings with their drivers and take proactive steps to lower collisions. The certification process helps them put the foundation in place to fully integrate the program into their operations.” DriveCam’s Driving Feedback System is a fleet safety program that combines video technology and management software to identify high-risk driving habits. When triggered by an unusual driving event, a palm-sized video recorder mounted behind the rearview mirror records what drivers see and hear. Video files are automatically downloaded to a computer, where specialized software allows managers to view and analyze driving performance. Videos can also be emailed directly to insurance carriers to settle claims.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials