SIRIUS Satellite Radio, known for delivering commercial-free music and sports programming to cars and homes across the country, announced on Feb. 27 that it will provide around-the-clock traffic and weather reports for the top 20 traffic markets, beginning with New York and Los Angeles, on Sunday, February 29 on SIRIUS stream 150. SIRIUS FIRST TRAFFIC will be the only satellite radio service that will broadcast traffic conditions from monitoring centers located around the country. The SIRIUS resources include a fleet of helicopters, fixed-wing aircraft, ground monitors, traffic cameras and other technologies. SIRIUS FIRST TRAFFIC will be presented in conjunction with SmartRoute Systems Inc., a Westwood One company. Weather information will come from The Weather Channel. By the end of March 2004, traffic and weather for Chicago, Philadelphia, San Francisco-San Jose, Boston, Dallas-Ft. Worth, Washington, DC, Atlanta, Detroit, Houston, Seattle, Tampa-St. Petersburg, Phoenix, Miami-Ft. Lauderdale, Orlando, Pittsburgh, St. Louis, Baltimore and San Diego will be added to the SIRIUS lineup. Reports for all markets will be available to all SIRIUS subscribers via the SIRIUS national satellite broadcasting system, which uses three high-elliptical orbit satellites to beam more than 100 streams of programming to North America. SIRIUS FIRST TRAFFIC will be provided to SIRIUS customers at no additional cost over the basic monthly subscription of $12.95 per month (an annual subscription lowers the monthly cost to about $10). This subscription also includes play-by-play from the NBA, NHL and NFL, two channels of NPR, and BBC World Service News.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials