Bryan Moylan, director of transportation for OCB Reprographics in Irvine, was charged with 75 counts of grand theft auto for allegedly stealing 75 fleet vehicles through an embezzlement scheme while working at the company, reported the Los Angeles Times on January 17. The alleged thefts occurred throughout 2003, according to an investigator hired by OCB Reprographics. Moylan has surrendered to the police and pleaded not guilty at the arraignment. He is being held on $300,000 bail and could face 54 years in prison if found guilty, said the Orange County District Attorney office in an article published in the Irvine World News. Moylan is 43 years old. Forty-five of the charges allege that Moylan used company money to purchase 45 delivery vehicles at the end of their three-year lease term. According to the LA Times, Moylan reportedly told management that the vehicles were to be returned to the lessor — Enterprise Car Rental Corp. — and that the money was needed to pay additional fees. Moylan presumably used the corporate funds to pay off the residual of the 36-month leases and is alleged to have taken possession of the vehicle titles and sold the vehicles himself, pocketing the money from the resale. In addition, Moylan is alleged to have sold another 30 vehicles without vehicle titles before their leases ended. According to the police, the total loss to the company is approximately $500,000. A pre-trial hearing is scheduled March 26 and the preliminary hearing is set for April 2. OCB Reprographics is a $50 million per year graphics and blueprint company that operates a fleet of approximately 100-plus vehicles. Company officials could not be reached for comment.

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