Bryan Moylan, director of transportation for OCB Reprographics in Irvine, was charged with alleged grand theft auto for allegedly stealing 75 fleet vehicles through an alleged embezzlement scheme, reported the Los Angeles Times on Jan. 17, 2004. One of the charges is that Moylan allegedly used company money to purchase 45 delivery vehicles at the end of their three-year lease term. According to the Los Angeles Times, Moylan allegedly told his management that the vehicle were to be returned to the lessor and that the money request was needed to pay for an additional fee. Moylan is alleged to have taken possession of the vehicle titles and sold the vehicles himself, allegedly pocketing the money from the resale. In addition, Moylan is alleged to have sold another 30 vehicles before their leases ended, without their vehicle titles, according to the Los Angeles Times. OCB Reprographics operates approximately 100-plus vehicles.

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