More Corpus Christi Police Department vehicles were rear-ended in 2003 than in the past several years, police officials noted, in an article in the Caller-Times newspaper on January 3. Police administrators have looked at revamping lighting on the marked patrol cars to help solve the problem. Officials agreed that drivers under the influence of alcohol played a role in the increase of police cruiser accidents. "Drunks are our worst enemy," said Capt. John Houston, with the police uniform division. The police department buys 35 police cruisers each year on average, although in 2002 there were only 30 bought at $23,000 each. They are kept in storage and merged into the fleet as needed, based on vehicles damaged or needing replacement because of excessive mileage. Presently, there are 21 new vehicles from last year's purchase still in storage, Davis said. The Crime Control District bought 25 vehicles about three years ago, which authorities said raised the overall fleet quality. This is part of the reason fewer were purchased last year. Each vehicle lasts about three years, with regular maintenance every 3,000 miles.

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