Ford Motor Co. said on December 10 that it would offer anti-rollover technology in its most popular sport utilities, the latest in a series of moves by automakers to improve SUV safety, according to the Detroit News. Beginning with the 2005-model year, Ford will offer the anti-rollover intelligent braking system on the Ford Explorer and Expedition, and Mercury Mountaineer SUVs. The technology is currently available on the 2004 Lincoln Navigator and Aviator SUVs. It debuted on the 2003 Volvo XC-90 SUV. Ford's anti-roll system, developed in coordination with automotive supplier Continental-Teves Inc., employs gyroscopes that determine whether a vehicle is in danger of tipping over. When this happens, an on-board computer adjusts engine power and applies brakes to one or more wheels to bring the vehicle back under control.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials