Nissan Motor Co. unveiled several advanced safety features on December 9, including a system that assists a driver in preventing a collision. At its technical research center in Yokosuka, outside Tokyo, Nissan also showed off a new system that automatically maintains a safe distance with a preceding vehicle by accelerating or slowing down in heavy traffic. The feature, dubbed Adaptive Cruise Control, is designed to reduce the driver's workload in low-speed driving situations, and will likely be mounted on a new luxury model planned for release next year. Some cars already boast similar features that keep a preset distance in high-speed driving, but this technology is the world's first for driving at low speeds of 6 mph to 25 mph, Nissan said. The automaker also demonstrated a new system that helps prevent a head-to-rear collision by allowing the driver to maneuver the steering wheel better even while the brakes are being applied. Nissan said it may take some time to get approval to introduce the high-tech system for production models since there are no regulatory standards that apply to technology that helps prevent collisions rather than reducing the damage from them.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials