Kyocera Wireless Corp. and International Road Dynamics (IRD), a provider of global Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), announced on December 9 the development of a CDMA cellular fleet management solution with integrated GPS functionality for Siemens' VDO Automotive Fleet Manager 200 Plus on-board computers. The wireless data communications module will be offered as an add-on to the FM200 Plus to increase wireless fleet management capabilities for Siemens customers. IRD has integrated the Kyocera 200 Module into the FM200 Plus system to provide the data communications capabilities for the Fleet Manager Professional Driver Management/Driver Scoring and Telematic Active Tracking and Vehicle Status applications on both the CDMA IS-95 and CDMA 1XRTT networks. With the integrated Kyocera 200 Module, Siemens' FM200 Plus provides an on-board computing platform for remote gathering of detailed data on vehicle use, driver accountability information, vehicle location and active events such as panic button alarms and geofence crossings. "The introduction of a CDMA cellular modem into the Siemens fleet management system significantly expands a fleet's wireless coverage," said Dean Fledderjohn, general manager of the M2M business group at Kyocera Wireless Corp. "The capabilities the Kyocera 200 Module brings to Siemens customers will allow them to use the extended CDMA wireless network to ensure fleet deliveries are tracked in detail." The Siemens on-board cellular fleet management system ensures that current data is always available for each vehicle in the fleet, allowing transportation companies to monitor driver performance and compliance with company policies as well as to track the location of fleet vehicles. Two-way text messaging and job dispatching to the vehicle is offered through an optional integrated in-cab FM Terminal or VDO Dayton Navigation system.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials