Beginning with the January issue, Automotive Fleet magazine's Used Vehicle Prices department will feature resale data provided by Manheim Market Report (MMR), a daily used vehicle pricing system based on auction transactions from 86 Manheim locations. The column now offers more current pricing information drawn from a larger database, covering 80 vehicle models, representing the wholesale value of the models regardless of seller. The resale data will be more finely broken out by geographic region: Southeast, Northeast, Mid-West, Central, and West Coast. A new feature is a monthly trend analysis of commercial fleet vehicle average auction sale price by four major segments: mid-size cars, full-size vans, full-size pickups, and SUVs. The data is presented in a chart at the top of the page. Additional resale data and analysis is available from Manheim at which is updated on the fifth business day of each month. The site contains commentary on and analysis of price trends for the past month, the past 12 months, and back to January 1995 by Manheim Chief Economist Tom Webb; it also includes monthly price performance analysis for eight vehicle segments.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials