WestStart has announced that the fourth annual Clean Heavy Duty Vehicles Conference will be held February 25-27, 2004, at Rancho Mirage, CA. The Clean Heavy-Duty Vehicle Conference is a nationally-recognized conference on clean technologies and fuels for heavy-duty vehicles. It focuses on clean advanced technologies and fuels for these vehicles. It provides participants with an opportunity to discuss and define what the road map should be for advanced technologies and fuels for the 21st century heavy-duty vehicle industry. Executives from truck and engine manufacturing companies and suppliers, advanced technology companies, and the oil industry, as well as officials from federal, state, and local government regulatory agencies, and users of clean heavy-duty vehicles are featured speakers. The conference is designed for individuals and companies who are part of the heavy-duty vehicle industry — manufacturers, suppliers, and technology developers — as well as users of heavy-duty vehicles. Topics to be discussed include: * Trends in advanced transportation technologies and fuels from the perspective of government regulators, engine and vehicle manufacturers, industry suppliers, and vehicle users * What are the challenges for the industry to meet the U.S. EPA 2007 diesel engine and emissions standards from the perspective of the manufacturers and users? Can industry also meet the off-road vehicle emissions reduction standards? * What clean fuels – fuels cells, hydrogen, hybrid electric, clean diesel, synthetic fuels, natural gas – will play a significant role in cleaning up heavy-duty vehicles? Which are viable, economical, and can be brought to the mass market in the next decade? * What have been the experiences of users of advanced technologies and fuels in heavy-duty vehicles? * What exciting cutting edge drivetrain, propulsion systems, and enabling technologies are out there as possible solutions to reducing emissions and increasing fuel economy in heavy duty vehicles

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