According to an article in the Des Moines Register on November 12, Iowa state government could save about $91,000 next year by beginning to buy the most fuel-efficient cars and trucks each year to replace its worn-out gas-guzzlers, according to a new report being released by a faith-based environmental group. "What Should the Governor Drive?," a report by the Iowa Interfaith Climate and Energy Campaign, estimated the state could cut its gasoline consumption by 65,040 gallons. The savings calculation is is based on gas prices of $1.40 per gallon. If the state got a good deal and paid only $1 per gallon in future years, the savings would rise to a cumulative $3.3 million by 2013. The governor had not yet received the report and could not comment on its recommendations, Vilsack spokeswoman Monica Fischer said. The group may be preaching to the choir, said David Hurd, retired Des Moines businessman and a co-chairman of Vilsack's energy task force. In 2001, Hurd's panel recommended that vehicles in the state motor pool be fuel-efficient models, use biodiesel and ethanol fuels whenever possible and be maintained to operate efficiently. Additionally, the group suggested that the state encourage school districts, city, and county government adopt the same standards.

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