According to the Pacific Daily News on October 21, The Guam Department of Public Works, which operates public and private school buses, isn't the only agency on the island having a hard time keeping its vehicles roadworthy. As of this week, 31 percent of the 279 vehicles owned by the Guam Power Authority (GPA) were out of commission, according to GPA General Manager John Benavente. The problem lies in the agency's maintenance division, whose 10 mechanics have not been up to the task of keeping the fleet moving, Benavente said. Benavente blamed inefficient management of the maintenance division, which currently is run by someone temporarily assigned from another division of the power agency. The preferred solution, he said, is to bring in a private company to manage and maintain the power agency's fleet. "If we did (vehicle maintenance) right ourselves, it should be cheaper. But it hasn't been done right, so therefore it's going to cost a little bit more through the privatization effort," he said. He said the additional costs associated with paying a private company will be offset by improved efficiency of the fleet.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials