Wheels, Inc. announced on Aug. 27, 2003 the receipt of the ASE Blue Seal of Excellence for the fifth consecutive year for its Maintenance Assistance Program. ASE requires that at least 75 percent of professionals on staff be certified for a business to qualify for this recognition. One-hundred percent of Wheels maintenance advisors have achieved ASE certification. In addition, 19 have achieved Master Technician status, of which eight are Dual Master Technicians, one is a Triple Master Technician expected to achieve World Class Status this year and two hold World Class Status.

“Master Technicians are certified in areas including automobile, medium/heavy truck and body, and paint,” said John Frank, vice president of the Wheels Maintenance Assistance Program. “This allows them to accurately diagnose vehicle repairs and work with vendors to ensure proper repairs are performed.”

ASE certification provides a consistent measure of technicians’ knowledge and skills and demonstrates a company’s dedication to qualified staffing. To remain certified, ASE-certified individuals must be retested every five years.

To reinforce its dedication to quality, Wheels has several proprietary initiatives for staff training beyond ASE certification.

“We perform technical evaluations of our maintenance staff to identify training opportunities,” said Bob Clark, manager of the Wheels Maintenance Assistance Program. “Management analyzes vendor phone calls to measure a technician’s responsiveness, technical aptitude, and ability to effectively communicate technical knowledge to vendors.” Wheels also offers other training opportunities, such as manufacturer-sponsored programs.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials