DaimlerChrysler announced its incentive program for 2004-model vehicles. The Fleet Program Incentives below will be paid via two invoice credits. The credits are identified as the Fleet Purchase Allowance (FPA) and Fleet Purchase Incentive(FPI/CMA). The 2004 Total Fleet Program monies are as follows:

2004 Model Year (Program 37A4F)

Body Model Total Fleet
Program (1)
Neon $500
PT Cruiser $1,000
Sebring Coupe $500
Sebring Sedan $1,000(3)
Stratus Coupe $500
Stratus Sedan $1,000(3)
Stratus Sedan SXT $500
Sebring Convertible $500
Intrepid $1,500(2)
Concorde $1,500
300M $1,500
Pacifica $1,000
Crossfire $350
Caravan SWB $1,000(3)(4)
Caravan “CV” $1,000
Grand Caravan $1,000
Gd Caravan “CV” $1,000 (3) (4)
Town & Country $1,000
Dakota Regular Cab 4X2 P/U $1,000
Dakota Regular Cab 4X4 P/U $1,000
Dakota Club 4X2 $1,000
Dakota Club 4X4 $1,000
Dakota Quad 4X2 $1,000
Dakota Quad 4X4 $1,000
Durango 4X2 $1,000
Durango 4X4 $1,000
Ram 1500 Reg. Cab 4X2 P/U $1,000
Ram 1500 Reg. Cab 4X4 P/U $1,000
Ram 1500 Quad 4X2 $1,000
Ram 1500 Quad 4X4 $1,000
Ram 2500/3500 Reg. Cab 4X2 $1,000
Ram 2500/3500 Reg. Cab 4X4 $1,000
Ram 2500/3500 Qd Cab 4X2 $1,000
Ram 2500/3500 Qd Cab 4X4 $1,000
Grand Cherokee 4X2 $1,000
Grand Cherokee 4X4 $1,000
Wrangler $300
Liberty 2X2 $1,000
Liberty 4X4 $1,000

2004 Model Year vehicles will receive no Fleet Purchase Program amounts. Contact your local DaimlerChrysler Regional Account Executive to discuss consideration for fleet concessions based upon Sprinter Volume purchase commitment.
(1) Fleet Program monies are subject to change. Please consult the Fleet Website – www.fleet.chrysler.com for the current amount in effect at the time of order.
(2) All pool and delayed shipment Intrepid vehicles will also be eligible for an additional $1,000, (Spring Bonus Program), making a total of $2,500 incentive on these vehicles.
(3) In addition to the total fleet program amount, a special “Fleet Equipment Discount” package of $500-$1,000 will apply to appropriately equipped models. Order details and package content will be released in July 2003.
(4) Caravan eX & Grand Caravan eX are retail vehicles only, and can only be ordered via the Internet.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials