Ford Motor Co. has announced its 2004-model year commercial fleet program. The following credits will be consolidated into a single National Fleet Incentive amount and shown on the invoice (beginning July 2003). The National Fleet Incentive amount (shown below) will include the following credit where applicable:
  • Sable Commercial Fleet Credit (20F)
  • Crown Victoria Commercial Incentive (56S)
  • Fleet Special Account Credit
  • In addition to the National Fleet Incentive, commercial fleet customers are also eligible for early order off-invoice incentives. Orders must be received prior to the receipt date noted below and produced by March 31, 2004 to qualify.

    The early order off-invoice incentive is available on the following vehicles:
    Vehicle Early Order Incentive Amount Receipt Date Through:
    Sable $1,000 12/31/03
    Taurus $500 12/31/03
    Escape 2/ $500 9/30/03
    E-Series (excludes 47M RV Cutaway) $500 12/31/03
    Explorer/Mountaineer $500 12/31/03
    Explorer Sport Trac $500 12/31/03
    Expedition $500 12/31/03
    Freestar /Monterey $500 12/31/03
    F-150 Heritage $500 12/31/03
    F-Series o/8500 GVW (excludes F53 Model) $500 12/31/03
    1/ Commercial Early Order Incentives are not available to Rental and Government customers.
    2/ Due to the short model year, the Early Order Incentive will not carryover onto the 2005 MY Escape. This is for 2004MY only.

    Taurus ABS Fast Start Incentive
    In addition to the National Fleet Incentive and the Early Order Incentive, Taurus LX and SE sedans and SE Wagon models will receive free ABS Brakes, a $534 WSD value. ABS Brakes (option code 552) must be ordered to receive this free option. The Taurus Fast Start Incentive is available to Commercial and Government customers. Orders for Commercial customers must be received by December 31, 2003 and produced by March 31, 2004. Government orders are eligible for this incentive in addition to Government Price Concessions (GPC) for the entire model year and have no production date requirement.

    E-Series Van Commercial Account Program*
    Commercial, Government and Rental E-Series van customers can select ONE of the following options at no-charge:

  • No-Charge Power Group (option codes 43P + 62P), includes Power Windows, Power Locks, and Choice of Power Mirror:
    -54Q Power Mirror (customer required to also order rear glass when ordering 54Q) OR
    -54E Telescopic Trailer Tow Mirror – (customer is NOT required to order rear glass when ordering 54E)
  • No-Charge Racks and Bins Package (option code 31G)
  • No-Charge EconoCargo Package (option code 31B)
  • *Note: These options are not compatible with the Ford Commercial Truck Connection Program's Upfit Reimbursement Program

    2004 MY National Fleet Incentives – Ford, Mercury, Lincoln

    Vehicle Line Ford: National Fleet Incentive (56M)
    Focus $1,000
    Mustang $600
    Taurus a/ $1,700
    Crown Victoria b/ $1,650
    Thunderbird $405
    Sable a/ $1,700
    Grand Marquis $1,600
    Marauder $545
    Mountaineer $1,500
    Monterey $1,500
    LS $1,500
    Town Car $2,400
    Navigator $1,800
    Aviator $465
    Ford Trucks: c/
    Escape $750
    Explorer Sport Trac $1,250
    Explorer $1,500
    Expedition $1,800
    Excursion $1,800
    Freestar $1,500
    Ranger $1,500
    E-Series d/ $2,000
    F-150 Heritage $1,500
    F-Series (u/ 8500 GVW) (including SuperCrew) $500
    F-Series (o/ 8500 GVW) e/ $1,500
    F-650 / F-750 f/ $4,200
    a/ Includes an additional $428 WSD Commercial Fleet Credit.
    b/ Includes an additional $546 WSD Commercial Fleet Credit.
    c/ Ford authorized pool accounts cannot order vehicles with a fleet incentive. Ford dealer must apply for fleet incentive on eligible commercial applications following pool account assignment of chassis to Ford dealer. Unit must be reported sold to a valid end-user FIN.
    d/ The E-Series (47M) is not eligible for national fleet incentives.
    e / The F53 Motorhome Stripped Chassis is not eligible for national fleet incentives.
    f/ Completed vehicles purchased from certain body manufacturers (F650/F750) may not be eligible for fleet incentives.
    NOTE: SVT vehicles are not eligible for National Fleet Incentives.

    2004 Model Alternative Fuel Vehicles (AFV) Incentives*
    Model Fleet Incentive
    Crown Vic NGV – Standard $1,500
    Crown Vic NGV – Extended Range (65T) $2,500
    E250/350 Dedicated CNG Vans/Wagons $1,500
    E450 CNG Cutaways and Chassis Cabs $1,500
    F-150 Bi-Fuel and Dedicated CNG trucks $1,500
    F-150 Bi-Fuel LPG trucks $1,000
    *AFV Incentives are available in addition to both Commercial Early Order Incentives and National Fleet Incentives.

    2004 Model Volvo Fleet Incentives

    Model Fleet Incentive
    S/V40 $1,500
    S60 $1,500
    S80 $1,500
    V70 $1,500
    C70 $1,500
    XC70 $1,500
    XC90 $0

    2004 Model Mazda Fleet Incentives

    Model Fleet Incentive Fast Start a/ Total
    Mazda3 $500 $600 $1,100
    Mazda6 $1,000 $600 $1,600
    MPV $2,000 $600 $2,600
    Miata $1,700 $0 $1,700
    Tribute $750 $600 $1,350
    Truck $1550 $0 $1,550
    Long Distant Courtesy
    Delivery Fee
    $250 $0 $250
    a/ Mazda Fast Start deadline is 9/30/03 for Tribute, all other applicable vehicles are 12/31/03.

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