Mohave County, AZ is trimming its vehicle fleet to cut costs and improve operations, says public works director Mike Hendrix in an article in the Kingman Daily Miner. Hendrix noted that he has retired 20 vehicles that each have more than 100,000 miles, and said, “We think we can do better than that.” Before the retirements, the fleet overseen by Hendrix consisted of 239 vehicles assigned to county departments and 35 in the motor pool. County Supervisor Pete Byers said the county has been analyzing its vehicle fleet for two years. “We have talked about everything from oil changes to gas prices. We have talked about how often to change the vehicles,” said Byers. In a report prepared by Hendrix, he wrote that 93 assigned vehicles were five to 10 years old and 92 had between 100,000 and 150,000 miles on them. He projected that it would cost about $1.5 million over three years to replace 56 vehicles with 150,000 miles on them that are assigned to the Mohave County Sheriff’s Office.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials