Pictured left to right, Row 1: Pam Buchanan, Fleet Management Solutions Specialist GE Fleet Services, Shelly Lofgren, Honeywell Fleet Manager, Carol Ayotte, Honeywell Global Commodity Director, Matt Crowe, Honeywell CFO Global Business Services. Row 2: Jim Lee, Honeywell Director Global Travel Services, Mike Siskin, National Account Manager GE Fleet Services, John Schuele, FMS Fleet Management Solutions Specialist GE Fleet Services, Rafael Lovera, Fleet Management Solutions Specialist GE Fleet Services Wendy Aird, Vice President National Accounts GE Fleet Services, Jeff Iverson, Regional Sales Manager National Accounts GE Fleet Services.
GE Fleet Services was recently awarded the 2002 Customer Satisfaction Silver Star Performance Award from Honeywell Global Business Services. This is the second consecutive year GE has received the Silver Star Performance Award.

Nearly 1,000 Honeywell drivers, managers, and administrators evaluated GE Fleet Services' performance against a broad set of criteria, including responsiveness, reliability, accessibility, technical/interpersonal skills and usability.

"We received great feedback, and the input has set our agenda for 2003 action planning with GE," said Shelly Lofgren, Honeywell Fleet Manager. She noted several areas where GE received strong scores, such as exhibiting a courteous and professional manner, communicating effectively and readily being of assistance. GE will continue to work with Honeywell to maximize customer satisfaction and identify breakthrough improvement opportunities. Honeywell has a 4,500-unit fleet that is managed by GE Fleet Services.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials