In an effort to decrease costs, Senate President Pro Tem John Burton (D-San Francisco) has moved to prohibit Legislative members from selecting SUVs as their state vehicles, the Sacramento Bee reported. Still a work in progress, Burton said the rule would only apply to state senators but would reconsider the matter if “they come up with a hybrid SUV or something that isn’t a gas waster.” Some lawmakers disagreed, calling the idea “silly” and “not well-thought-out.” “You are not going to balance the state budget on having everyone not buy SUVs and save a few dollars on gasoline,” added Sen. Dick Ackerman (R-Fullerton). The Assembly is working on a separate effort to urge lawmakers into using fuel-efficient or alternative-fuel vehicles. In December, 2003, rules were adopted to give members an additional $10,000 for their office budget if they opt for a super-fuel-efficient or alternative-fuel vehicle.

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