York County employees filled up with premium gasoline 17.3 percent of the time, costing the county more than $38,000 at fuel pumps in the 2002, reports the Daily Record. The county could have saved an estimated $810.00 if employees had not purchased premium fuel. The majority of workers using premium-grade fuel are detectives in the county’s District Attorney’s Office. This group is followed by employees of the Sheriff’s Department. Stan Reber, York County District Attorney, told the paper that most of the fleet is comprised of high-performance four-wheel drive vehicles. According to an administrative publication put out by PA’s General Services Department, drivers are required to use regular unleaded in almost all cases. “Drivers of police vehicles or those with pursuit apprehension responsibilities, and drivers of trucks, or heavy commercial vehicles, may purchase higher octane fuel when it is justified.” York County does not have a formal policy governing fuel type.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials