Riverside Auto Auction, a Manheim Auction, announced it had a record sales week March 3-7, 2003, selling 3,907 units for $75 million. The tally surpassed the auction's previous one-week record by $1 million. The auction also set a new record for post-sale inspections. Its reconditioning operations conducted 490 inspections that week. The auction held three sales during the week: its regularly-scheduled Tuesday sale, a closed sale for BMW on Wednesday night, and an exotic highline sale on Thursday. The highline sale, focusing on luxury and specialty items, set another Riverside milestone, attracting a record 1,744 dealers. In 2002, the Riverside Auto Auction sold 90,431 vehicles, valued at more than $1.3 billion, setting a new annual record for the 16-year-old auction.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials