The city and state of New York have purchased a total of 574 Toyota Prius hybrid gasoline-electric vehicles since early 2001 for use by various government agencies.

In 2001, New York City purchased 231 Prius hybrids for use by various municipal agencies, including the Parks & Recreation, the Department of Buildings, the Department of Health, and the Department of Transportation. The city ordered an additional 221 Prius hybrids in 2002.

In addition, New York State’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority in 2001 bought 56 Prius hybrids for use in bus control, route management, and support operations. The state purchased an additional 66 Prius hybrids in 2002.

The Prius is classified as a super ultra low emission vehicle (SULEV) and has an EPA fuel mileage rating of 52 mpg in city driving and 45 mpg on the highway.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials