Emkay, Inc. announced the assignment of Emkay Inc. (USA), Emkay Canada, and Emkay Caribbean to Unico Car Lease, a global fleet lease and management consortium based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Greg DePace, Emkay’s managing director of international operations, said: “Unico is a sophisticated fleet marketing and information company owned equally by its group of companies, which now includes Emkay, Inc. With Unico, we can now provide comprehensive and broad-based services to our global clients.”

The headquarters for all global bids will be in Amsterdam. The Unico staff will coordinate all tenders (request for proposal) that include multiple countries. “Besides providing the marketing and information services for our international operations, the Unico sales representatives will visit global clients and prospects,” said DePace.

In addition to the U.S., Canada, and the Caribbean, Unico/Emkay will offer leasing and fleet management in Germany, The Netherlands, France, United Kingdom, Belgium, Luxembourg, Austria, Spain, Italy, Finland, and Sweden. “Expansion into several Eastern Bloc countries is already in process,” added DePace.

The combined Unico/Emkay fleet numbers more than 250,000, making it the seventh largest fleet management organization in the world.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials