In an effort to improve customer satisfaction Ford Motor Co. has announced that an external rear hatch release button is being added to all Ford Focus wagons effective with units produced on and after Dec. 2, 2002. The hatch release button requires power locks as standard equipment, which is currently optional on fleet wagon arrays 440F & 450F.

This action requires revision to the present fleet-only optional Power Group (60A) (power locks, remote keyless entry (RKE), dual power mirrors, and power windows). The revised power group on wagon will consist of dual power mirrors and power windows (power locks and RKE will become standard equipment).

Pricing on the Power Group option will be reduced by $415 MSRP due to the deletion of power locks and RKE. The base price on the Focus Wagon Fleet arrays (440F & 450F) will increase by the same $415 MSRP for their standardization effective with units produced on and after Dec. 2.

As part of this action, the rear hatch key lock cylinder is being eliminated for all 2003 MY Focus wagons. Estimated product timing for this action is January.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials