Customers in California, Massachusetts, and New York will be able to order Focus models with an engine that is targeted as a Partial Zero Emission Vehicle (PZEV). The order bank is now open to accept Focus orders with the PZEV engine. The PZEV engine is a 2.3L gasoline engine with partial zero emission rating.
  • All body styles are available with this engine.
  • Production of this vehicle begins January 13, 2003. For orders placed ON or BEFORE December 9:
  • Use order code 99Z for PZEV engine for units that are ordered from CA, MA, or NY, as well as units ordered from another state for delivery to CA, MA, or NY. PZEV engine is available for these states only.
  • Orders placed before December 9 with PZEV engine code 99Z will have a "Material Hold" status.
  • When scheduling for January begins, these units will automatically schedule for production. For orders placed AFTER December 9:
  • The ordering system will automatically generate PZEV engine code 99Z for orders placed after December 9 that have order codes originating from CA, MA, or NY.
  • PZEV engine code 99Z must still be added to orders NOT originating in CA, MA, and NY, but destined for delivery in those states.
    Final Ford Division pricing has not been released, but will be communicated as soon as it is available. Final horse-power and torque ratings will be released upon certification.
  • Originally posted on Fleet Financials