Fleet customers wishing to take advantage of the no-charge ABS Fast Start incentive for Taurus LX and SE must submit orders by Oct. 31, 2002 for production by Dec. 31, 2002. This is a $600 MSRP value. Government orders bid through October 31 are exempt from the Dec. 31 deadline. For orders placed after Oct. 31, 2002, customers must add ABS order code 552 to their order as a $600 MSRP option to LX & SE series. Non-ABS brake system will be standard on the following arrays for fleet customers: Sedan: 100A, 110A, 210A, 215A, 910A, 920A; Wagon: 500A, 501A, 507A, 940A. Sable: ABS delete option 63D will not be available for the 2003 MY. FFV
Production of the Taurus Flexible Fuel Vehicle begins Oct. 14. Fleet customers desiring the FFV engine may select option code 992 to replace the gasoline engine 99U on the following Taurus arrays: Sedan: 900A, 910A, 920A, 930A; Wagon: 940A. Fleet customers may also order the following retail Taurus arrays equipped with the FFV engine as standard equipment: Sedan: 110A, 215A, 305A; Wagon: 501A. There is no charge for the FFV engine. FFV engines can operate on gasoline or any mixture of gasoline and up to 85 percent ethanol.

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