In its continuing enhancements to the functionality of PHH InterActive, PHH Arval has announced the addition of FleetSense, PHH’s comprehensive cost management reporting tool. According to the company, FleetSense is an information product that enables clients to identify areas for potential cost savings, track expenses over time, compare costs for various business units to industry composites, and make decisions to lower their costs. The tool uses the resources of PHH’s Data Warehouse and Odometer Warehouse to develop fleet costs at the cents-per-mile level. PHH’s Odometer Warehouse captures odometers automatically from transactions through various PHH products where vehicle drivers purchase fuel, obtain routine maintenance, and participate in services. With the addition of FleetSense to PHH InterActive’s reporting capabilities, clients can now access online reports with accurate expense information, including cost-per-mile analyses, cost comparisons year over year; depreciation summaries, projected odometers by unit up to 36 months, and eleven types of industry composites. All of these reports are provided with the ability to download data to a spreadsheet.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials