GE Fleet Services is making some significant updates to its vehicle-ordering tool within Your Office @ Fleet on The vehicle-ordering tool received a system upgrade that will automate multi-layer approval processes and make ordering entirely elec-tronic and seamless. Called the Vehicle Requisition System, the tool is expected to aid fleet managers by minimizing cycle time, increasing order efficiency and ensuring controllership. Decentralized fleet contacts will be able to generate new vehicle requests by using standard specs. The requests will automatically go to a supervisor who reviews them, and approved requests will automatically be directed to the fleet manager. Upon review, the fleet manager submits the order electronically to GE Fleet Services for processing. Currently, fleet managers have to submit orders manually. GE Fleet Services has also added to the vehicle ordering system the capability of adding multiple purchase orders to upfit orders on the Web. This allows customers to add 10 or more purchase orders per vehicle for multiple vendors and manufacturers up to $10,000 in upfitting charges. In other news, online factory ordering direct with Saab is now available using the vehicle-ordering tool. In addition, electronic status events are captured daily, providing additional order information to customers.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials