City CarShare has announced that its 2,000 Bay Area members are now sharing ten electric vehicles, in addition to their fleet of 70 Volkswagens. Thanks both to a generous grant from CALSTART and a partnership with the Presidio Trust, City CarShare will deploy ten electric vehicles throughout San Francisco, including four located inside the Presidio National Park. With nearly 1,200 residential and commercial tenants living and working throughout this historic park, the Presidio is an ideal location for emission-free car-sharing. City CarShare is the first large-scale car-sharing program fully integrating electric vehicles into its system. In addition, City Car-Share is not charging a mileage fee for the electric vehicles. City CarShare is a community based non-profit dedicated to promoting mobility for Bay Area residents while reducing the negative effects that parking, traffic, and pollution have on the region. Members can reserve from the network of 80 cars parked at 30 locations throughout the Bay Area for an hour, a day, or a week. Members pay based on how much they drive: $3.50 per hour and $.37 per mile, including gas, maintenance, and insurance. City CarShare, in an effort to recruit corporate customers claims to offer mobility for the workforce. City CarShare says it allows quick and simple access to a car during the work week. They manage the lease, maintenance, and cleaning of the cars, so there is no hassle with managing a fleet or with employee reimbursements. City CarShare says it is an economical way for employees to get to meetings outside the office. Charges are based only on use, per mile and per hour. Bills for usage are monthly, and can be itemized by project code. Employees have access to the entire fleet of cars, in convenient locations across San Francisco and the East Bay. For employees who could commute by transit but need a car during the day for business, utilizing City CarShare allows them to leave their car at home and avoid traffic.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials