Ford Motor Company announced that changes will be made to the 2003 Taurus. Some of these changes include a 3.0L FFV Vulcan engine that will be the standard and only engine available for the 2003MY on Taurus LX & SE sedan and select wagon arrays for retail customers with production beginning Oct. 7. Fleet customers will still be able to order LX sedan array 100A, SE sedan array 210A, and SE wagon array 500A equipped with the 3.0L gasoline or the existing fleet arrays with either gasoline or FFV powertrains. Ford says fleet customers may be impacted by this action if taking delivery out of stock of LX/SE series later in the model year. (Retail stock of non-FFV engine LX/SE units will decrease and FFV-equipped LX/SE units will increase). If Fleet customers seek non-FFV SE series for urgent delivery, they may take advantage of the Taurus Rapid Order Fulfillment program which will have an inventory of SE sedans with array 920A. The action does not impact SES or SEL series.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials