The “Lifecycle Cost Analysis for Fleets” CD-ROM has sold more than 300 copies in the six months since it was introduced, according to the National Association of Fleet Administrators, Inc. (NAFA). The product is a tool to help manage the relevant lifecycle costs associated with running a commercial, utility or government fleet. According to NAFA, the narrated CD is designed to help fleet managers implement and use fi-nancial modeling when making decisions about such lifecycle cost issues as which type of vehicles to select; when to replace them; whether to buy, lease or use a reimbursement program; which conventional or alternative fuel to use; and whether or not to outsource an activity. Developed and narrated by certified fleet managers, the CD offers a comprehensive 2 ½ hour presentation on vehicle lifecycle cost analysis, with visual and auditory aides; the most up-to-date lifecycle cost analysis materials; exercises and spreadsheet examples; and printouts for self-study or group exercises. More information is available on the association’s Web site at

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