John Dingell, a member of the U.S. House of Representatives, has announced plans to introduce a bill that would encourage the sale of diesel cars in the United States, a prospect strongly supported by the car industry but opposed by environmental groups, the New York Times reported. The NYT also said that Dingell is an ally of the Big Three auto manufacturers. The manufacturer‘s spokesperson on the House Energy and Commerce Committee, Laura Sheehan, said that the bill was still being drafted but that “the goal of the legislation would be to enable this technology to have widespread clean-diesel usage.” According to the newspaper, she said it would involve tax credits for oil companies that produced diesel fuel with low sulphur content and possibly some incentives for the car industry. The Times also said the industry has previously lobbied for tax credits for consumers who buy cars with ad-vanced diesel engines. The newspaper said a new set of regulations related to the Clean Air Act will restrict these emis-sions, but even the new rules will allow diesel engines to emit more than twice the quantity of par-ticulates of a petrol-powered engine.

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