Caterpillar Inc. officials said July 29, 2002 that the government's new regulations on diesel engine emissions are full of inconsistencies that will be harmful to the economy and environment, the Peoria, IL Journal Star reported. The Environmental Protection Agency has so far refused to extend an Oct. 1 deadline by which engine makers must meet lower emission standards. Caterpillar said it expects very few new trucks will be built after Oct. 1 until the new engines can be tested, which will lead to thousands of people getting laid off, the story said. James Parker, Caterpillar engine products vice president, told the paper another reason to delay the deadline is that pre-buying will result in more high-emission engines being used. Engine makers that don't meet the deadline are facing penalties as high as $5,000 for each engine they sell that doesn't limit emissions to 2.5 grams of nitrogen oxides or less.

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