The National Association of Fleet Administrators (NAFA) has redesigned its Web site, Some of the highlights include: - A consistent look and feel throughout the site. - Active mouse-overs on all of the tabs, including the new Affiliates tab. - An active NAFA logo that will automatically go back to the NAFA homepage. - Breadcrumbs on all the pages so that trail of pages can be followed within the Web site. - A powerful search engine for the site. - Printer friendly format for all pages. New features include: - Access to membership profile that can be updated online. - Ability to change user name and password in a member's or affiliate's profile. - Ability to search for NAFA members and affiliates, by name, company, or state. - Ability to e-mail a NAFA member or affiliate while keeping his or her e-mail address confidential. - Ability to search the Member Expertise database online. - Ability to search the Affiliate Product/Service database online. - Ability to send this page to a friend. - Pages for every NAFA chapter, which each chapter will be able to update independently.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials