DaimlerChrysler Vans LLC, the U.S. distributor of Sprinter Vans, on July 19, 2002 announced the introduction of the company's new Dodge Sprinter. With the introduction of the Dodge Sprinter, the company's customer base will see an increase in sales and service locations, access to the full line of Dodge commercial vehicles, and financing through DaimlerChrysler Services. Explaining the rationale behind this decision, the company emphasized several factors such as an overall demand by customers for more service locations, and company-wide volume afforded through a full product line of pickup, SUV, van, and passenger car sales offered under the brand umbrella of Dodge. DaimlerChrysler Vans LLC will be relocating its staff to the DaimlerChrysler Auburn Hills com-plex in Michigan where it will continue to manage its launch operations. DaimlerChrysler Vans LLC, the US distributor of the Sprinter van, is a subsidiary of DaimlerChrysler AG. Additional information and news about the Sprinter and DaimlerChrysler Vans is available by visiting its Web site at www.daimlerchrysler-vans.com or calling (704) 655-1000.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials