@Road, a provider of location-enhanced wireless Internet solutions for mobile resource management (MRM), was selected by Verizon to provide mobile resource management services to help manage Verizon field operations. Under the deployment plan, @Road will host and deliver a suite of MRM services to Verizon using the @Road LocationSmart technology platform. Using the global positioning system (GPS) satellite network, wireless communications and the Internet, the LocationSmart technology platform provides mobile service organizations with a suite of management services, including activity and workflow reporting, mapping, location-on-demand, and maintenance scheduling. Additionally, Verizon will use the new @Road DirectData service, which feeds data from the field directly to Verizon's computer systems. The technology is designed to increase the effective utilization of mobile workers, control operations costs, and improve the delivery of customer service. Verizon evaluated a number of alternatives prior to selecting @Road as its primary mobile resource management services provider. During the evaluation process, @Road and Verizon collaborated on several pilot programs, which currently include more than 2,500 @Road subscribers.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials