The International Automotive Remarketers Alliance (IARA) has announced an industry-wide search for a new executive director to replace Chuck Parker. Parker had accepted the position in August 2001 with the understanding that he would devote his time and industry knowledge to assist IARA in organizing and re-positioning IARA for a limited term. IARA President Dave Langley, who is also the national manager vehicle remarketing for American Honda Finance Corp., stated, â??Chuck Parker has fulfilled his commitment to the IARA by serving as its first executive director. During his short term, IARA focused on the building of a strong, inclusive industry alliance. IARA achievements in recent months include formation and activation of 10 industry-oriented committees, a sound and diverse executive level board, advanced communication tools including and the e-newsletter, â??Automotive Remarketer,â?? and a 300-percent increase in our membership.â? The outgoing IARA executive director and president of Automotive Digest, Chuck Parker, commented, â??It has been my privilege to serve the IARA as executive director. However, it has become apparent that because of the growth of my online industry magazine,, I must devote my full time attention to managing and developing the content, operations, and audience of our publications and its day-to-day business.â? Parker reiterated, â??It is to be clearly understood by the IARA board, the membership, and, particularly, the vehicle remarketing industry that I support more than ever the mission, objectives, and focus of this needed alliance of industry executives, companies, and associations. Furthermore, there is a need, almost an urgency, for the industry to structure, support, and nurture a forum or clearinghouse for industry issues, problems, and opportunities.â? â??With the leadership of IARA board and a new full-time executive director, the Alliance is well-prepared and now ready to grow and contribute to the used-vehicle industry. Together with individuals, companies, and market segment associations, the Alliance affords the used-vehicle remarketing industry a unique opportunity to come together to collectively accomplish what has not and cannot be done without such an organization.â? To accomplish the task of selecting a director, the IARA has formed a committee. It is comprised of IARA board members to provide the IARA Executive Director description, scope of work, and long-term organization goals. Once formulated the committee will utilize TPC Management Co. to conduct a search for potential candidates including professional management firms and individual executives from the remarketing community. â??The search for our new executive director is well underway and we look forward to an announcement in the near term. In the meantime, the work of the IARA continues,â? added Langley. â??On behalf of myself, our board, and the IARA membership, I wish to express our sincere gratitude to Chuck for his diligent service to the Alliance. Our membership and our new director will benefit from his contribution for years to come.â? For detailed information on IARA, go to

Originally posted on Fleet Financials