Elite Logistics, a provider of Internet-based global positioning system (GPS), has chosen Trimble to supply GPS components for its PageTrack line of intelligent vehicle systems (IVS) products. Elite’s PageTrack asset tracking and monitoring system combines Trimble’s Lassen LP module and two-way wireless communications technology with the Internet to facilitate stolen vehicle recovery, roadside assistance, and automatic collision notification. PageTrack users can log onto Elite’s Web site and view on a map the current position of their vehicle and get detailed information such as speed, direction of travel, longitude, latitude, street location, and travel history. PageTrack users can also monitor their vehicle or receive an event notification (e.g., alarm activation) via a secure Internet link, a two-way pager, an Internet-access-enabled cell phone or personal digital assistant (PDA), or by contacting Elite’s customer support control center.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials