Ford Motor Co. announced a No-Charge ABS Fast Start program (a $600 MSRP value) on 2003-MY Taurus LX and SE sedan orders submitted through Oct. 31, 2002 and produced by Dec. 31, 2002. Eligibility — All Valid FIN Codes: — Commercial & rental customer orders received between May 20 and Oct. 31, 2002 and produced by Dec. 31, 2002. — Government orders bid through Oct. 31, 2002 are eligible and are exempt from the Dec. 31, 2002 production deadline. — Repurchase units are not affected by this action. 2003-model year minimum specifications for Taurus require the SES Package (930A), which includes ABS as standard equipment. Fleet Program Compatibility: This Fast Start program is compatible with all other 2003-MY Fleet Early Order and National in-centives. The Fleet Early Order and National incentives will be announced on May 30, 2002. CONCEPS Ordering Information: The ABS option order code (552) and following message will be automatically generated via CONCEPS on all fleet order types for Taurus LX (100A, 110A) and SE (210A, 215A, 910A, 920A) sedan arrays submitted during the Fleet Fast Start Program period. Sable ABS Delete Credit: ABS is already standard on Sable sedan and this Fast Start program does not affect Sable sedan pricing. ABS delete credit option (63D) will not be available on Sable sedans during this period, but will be available on Sable Wagon for valid fleet orders. For questions, contact a Ford Motor Co. account manager or call 1-800-34-FLEET.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials