Manheim has provided dealers with access to their business account information at any Manheim auction online in real-time 24 hours a day, seven days a week, at no charge. “Manheim customers can now decide how they want to conduct business with us — at the counter, over the phone, or online,” said Joe Luppino, chief operating officer of Manheim Interactive. “Dealers decide when and how they want to manage their business with us.” Information on Manheim Online’s (MOL) MyAccount is secure. Luppino said, “Information is password-protected, and dealer principals can limit the individuals who have access to this financial information.” Dealers can use MOL’s MyAccount to: — Check their account information, including online and physical auction transactions. — Review their universal credit limit and outstanding balances at the auctions. — View block summary reports at any Manheim auction. — Use the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) Search to look up all transaction activity for a particular vehicle or check the current status of its title or the transaction. — Make payments online. — Receive e-mail notifications of arbitration and title changes. — Check their Manheim Automotive Financial Services (MAFS) account. In addition, Manheim has launched another online enhancement for dealers. Dealers can now submit payments online. Dealers who do not want to make payments online have the ability to create custom invoices that can be printed and mailed to the respective auctions. Dealers also will be able to access information regarding balances owed to the auction(s) from the Account Balance pages.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials