ARI, the Mt. Laurel, NJ-based fleet management company, announced it recently renovated and expanded its Canadian headquarters, located in Mississauga, Ontario. “We now fill an entire floor in the building,” said Roy Gaysek, vice president of sales and service in Canada. “The work is now complete, and we house a total of 103 employees.” The operation is self-contained, Gaysek said. “We are networked into the corporate computer system in the U.S., but our operation is stand-alone.” This includes client services, ordering, maintenance management, and resale. “We provide our French-speaking customers with bilingual technicians and service staff, and handle much of our resale out of our remarketing center here in Mississauga,” he said. ARI Canada has grown from 6,500 units to more than 60,000, and from 35 to the present 103 employees in the eight years it has been at this location. ARI Canada is located at 1270 Central Parkway West, Suite 600, Mississauga, Ontario.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials