AMI Leasing is using the new Caterpillar Pocket Technician, a handheld diagnostic tool, for maintenance of its entire truck fleet. AMI Leasing maintains a fleet of more than 6,000 trucks, most of which have Caterpillar engines, in more than 25 locations nationwide. The Caterpillar Pocket Technician is a Palm Pilot fitted with a special attachment and software that “reads” messages from the engine. Problems with Caterpillar can be diagnosed on-site, without bringing the truck to Caterpillar for maintenance, said Harry Calderbank, truck engine account manager for Southworth-Milton Inc. of Milford, MA, the local Caterpillar dealer. “The Caterpillar Pocket Technician allows us to diagnose problems faster, getting our customers back on the road faster. That saves everyone time and money,” said Patrick Gallagher, AMI vice president of sales. In addition to serving as a diagnostic tool, AMI can download and save information about the engine from the device to a computer to keep track of the history of the engine, miles-per-gallon, the amount of idle time, and the horsepower rating of the engine, according to AMI Vice President of Maintenance David Finch.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials