Under a new contract between PS Energy Group Inc. and Lockheed Martin, PS Energy will be responsible for purchase, dispatch, and delivery of bulk fuel for Lockheed Martin. PS Energy will also provide monthly electronic reporting and invoicing, which will show system-wide deliveries of fuel to all on-site bulk fuel facilities. Expanded services include the gradual implementation and installation of a full-service fuel management program for Lockheed’s 26 existing fuel storage units. The fuel management program will include retail purchase transactions provided by the issuance of a Voyager fleet fuel card to every vehicle Lockheed Martin assigns to the program. PS Energy will consolidate on-site and retail data at the vehicle level into a single report for accounting and operational management via direct system interfaces and the Internet. Under the new services option of this contract, Lockheed Martin can also take advantage of PS Energy’s new global positioning system. Global positioning is satellite technology that allows fleet managers to improve vehicle routing and response time. “We feel it’s a good partnership for us and will save us some revenue over the life of the contract,” said Gerald Cumby, fleet manager for Lockheed Martin Aeronautics.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials